November 2020
  • Patel Group had its annual holiday party virtually.
  • Jeongmoon Choi, Alexander Johnson, and Jimin Yoon joined the group!
  • Nick Rego successfully defended his thesis and is continuing at the Patel group as a postdoc. Congratulations, Nick!

September 2020
  • Yusheng Cai joined the group!
  • Hao Jiang moved to Wisconsin and started working as a computational chemist at SC Johnson. Congratulations, Hao!

May 2020
  • Lizhu Zhang joined the group!
  • Debdas Dhabal joined the Molinero group at the University of Utah as a postdoc. Congratulations, Debdas!

April 2020
  • Lilia Escobedo was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations, Lilia!   NSF GRFP webpage


December 2019
  • Patel Group celebrated its annual holiday party!

  • Nick Rego and Amish attended the 2019 BMB Retreat at Penn.

November 2019
  • Lilia Escobedo, Kevin Juan, Jun Lu, and Akash Pallath joined the group!
  • Zachariah Vicars presented at Villanova to Undergraduate students interested in participating in the REACT program.
  • Amish gave an invited talk at the AIChE annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.   Link

October 2019
  • Aniket Thosar joined the group!

September 2019
  • Amish presented as part of the Van Ness Lecture Series at RPI.   Link 1 Link 2

August 2019
  • Amish, Debdas, Nick, and Sean attended the GRC on the Chemistry and Physics of Liquids.   Conference webpage

July 2019
  • Sean Marks attended the CSGF Annual Program Review in Arlington.

June 2019
  • Amish Patel received the Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.   Link

May 2019
  • Debdas Dhabal presented a poster at the 4th annual Penn Polymer Symposium.
  • Zachariah Vicars went to Grenoble, France for 10 weeks as part of a collaboration with French REACT partners.   Penn Today article

  • Nick Rego attended the Foundational and Applied Data Science for Molecular and Material Science and Engineering Workshop.
  • Amish Patel received the 2019 Van Ness Award from the CBE department at RPI.   Article

April 2019
  • Patel Group went out to lunch to celebrate Amish getting tenure. Congratulations!

March 2019
  • Debdas Dhabal presented at the Symposium on Advanced Simulation Methods: DFT, MD and Beyond at IIT Delhi in New Delhi.


October 2018
  • PLUMED INDUS is available for download. Special thanks to Sean Marks for developing this package!   INDUS Code

June 2018
  • Amish Patel received the Distinguished Teaching Award from Penn's Student Chapter of AIChE. Congratulations!

May 2018
  • Nick Rego and Zachary Varley attended the 2018 Materials and Data Science Hackathon at NC State.
  • Amish Patel received the ACS OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award.   Article


December 2017
  • Zachariah Vicars received the REACT Trainee Fellowship.   REACT home page

September 2017
  • Amish Patel received the 2017 Sloan Fellowship.   SRF

May 2017
  • Erte successfully defended his thesis and is moving on to a job at Procter and Gamble in Cinncinati. Congrats, Erte!
  • Suruchi successfully defended his thesis and began a job at Pfizer in Boston. Congrats!

March 2017
  • Amish Patel received the 2017 NSF CAREER award!   More


August 2016

January 2016
  • Amish Patel received the 2016 Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Meeting Young Investigator Award!   Meeting website


November 2015
  • Erte and Rick's paper on the role of fluctuations in modulating the pathways to dewetting in hydrophobic confinement gets press!   Story on PennNews

  • Amish Patel received the Kaufman Foundation New Investigator Research Award!   Article


August 2014
  • Erte Xi won the Best Poster Prize at the 2014 Gordon Research Conference on "Water and Aqueous Solutions". Congratulations Erte!

February 2013
  • Amish's paper on characterizing the hydrophobicity of complex proteins using a novel, highly efficient method was featured on the cover of the February 13, 2014 issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B.