November 2023
  • Ahmad Ali, Charles Hao, Mian Qin, and Rahul Ramaraju joined the group!

August 2023
  • Akash Pallath, Amish Patel, and Lizhu Zhang attended the GRC on Chemistry and Physics of Liquids   Link

June 2023
  • Yusheng Cai attended the GRC on Liquid Crystals.   Link
  • Lilia Escobedo presented at the ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium.   Link

May 2023
  • Patel Group celebrated the end of the Spring semester with a BBQ at Ridley Creek State Park!

  • Akash Pallath, Lilia Escobedo, and Zac Vicars attended the 4th NJIT Molecular Simulations Workshop.   Link

March 2023
  • Nick Rego and Akash Pallath completed the NSF I-corps program and won the 'Spirit of NSF I-corps Award' at the closing ceremony!
  • Amish gave an invited talk at the APS March Meeting.   Link


December 2022
  • Patel Group members went to dinner to celebrate the end of another year!

November 2022
  • Amish was presented with the Helmholtz Award from the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS). He delivered the Helmholtz award lecture at the IAPWS Symposium in Rotorua, New Zealand.   Link

October 2022
  • Patel Group members presented at the CBE Graduate Student Symposium.

  • Lily Wang and Aayush Bendre joined the group!

August 2022
  • Aniket Thosar started a job at Reliance in Mumbai, India. Congratulations, Aniket!

July 2022
  • Jeongmoon Choi and Amish Patel presented at the Ice Binding Proteins (IBP) Conference 2022. Jeongmoon won the IBP 2022 Biointerphases Presentation Award.   Link
  • Lilia Escobedo and Aniket Thosar attended the GRC on Water and Aqueous Solutions.   Link
  • Aniket Thosar received the Early Career Research Award and won the Best Poster Prize at the Foundations of Molecular Modeling and Simulation conference.

June 2022
  • Amish Patel co-organized the Telluride Workshop on Hydrophobicity.   Link
  • Patel Group celebrated the end of the spring semester with a 'golf-clinic', food and drinks!

May 2022
  • Aniket Thosar and Amish Patel attended the ACS Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting.

April 2022
  • Nick Rego and Akash Pallath completed the Penn I-Corps program.
  • Amish Patel received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. Congratulations!   Link 1 Link 2
  • Lilia Escobedo received the Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students. Congratulations, Lilia!   Link

February 2022
  • Aniket Thosar presented at the Statistical Thermodynamics & Molecular Simulations Seminar Series.   Link


October 2021
  • Patel group had an evening of fun outdoors - with frisbee, soccer, mahjong, food and drinks - to celebrate being back in-person again!

May 2021
  • Amish Patel received the Distinguished Teaching Award from Penn's AIChE Student Chapter. Congratulations!


November 2020
  • Patel Group had its annual holiday party virtually.
  • Jeongmoon Choi, Alexander Johnson, and Jimin Yoon joined the group!
  • Nick Rego successfully defended his thesis and is continuing at the Patel group as a postdoc. Congratulations, Nick!

September 2020
  • Yusheng Cai joined the group!
  • Hao Jiang started working as a computational chemist at SC Johnson in Racine, Wisconsin. Congratulations, Hao!

May 2020
  • Lizhu Zhang joined the group!
  • Debdas Dhabal joined the Molinero group at the University of Utah as a postdoc. Congratulations, Debdas!

April 2020
  • Lilia Escobedo was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations, Lilia!   NSF GRFP webpage


December 2019
  • Patel Group celebrated its annual holiday party!

  • Nick Rego and Amish Patel attended the 2019 BMB Retreat at Penn.

November 2019
  • Lilia Escobedo, Kevin Juan, Jun Lu, and Akash Pallath joined the group!
  • Zachariah Vicars presented at Villanova to Undergraduate students interested in participating in the REACT program.
  • Amish Patel gave an invited talk at the AIChE annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.   Link

October 2019
  • Aniket Thosar joined the group!

September 2019
  • Amish Patel presented as part of the Van Ness Lecture Series at RPI.   Link 1 Link 2

August 2019
  • Amish Patel, Debdas Dhabal, Nick Rego, and Sean Marks attended the GRC on the Chemistry and Physics of Liquids.

July 2019
  • Sean Marks attended the CSGF Annual Program Review in Arlington.

June 2019
  • Amish Patel received the Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.   Link

May 2019
  • Debdas Dhabal presented a poster at the 4th annual Penn Polymer Symposium.
  • Zachariah Vicars went to Grenoble, France for 10 weeks as part of a collaboration with French REACT partners.   Penn Today article

  • Nick Rego attended the Foundational and Applied Data Science for Molecular and Material Science and Engineering Workshop.
  • Amish Patel received the 2019 Van Ness Award from the CBE department at RPI.   Article

April 2019
  • Patel Group went out to lunch to celebrate Amish getting tenure. Congratulations!

March 2019
  • Debdas Dhabal presented at the Symposium on Advanced Simulation Methods: DFT, MD and Beyond at IIT Delhi in New Delhi.


October 2018
  • PLUMED INDUS is available for download. Special thanks to Sean Marks for developing this package!   INDUS Code

June 2018
  • Amish Patel received the Distinguished Teaching Award from Penn's Student Chapter of AIChE. Congratulations!

May 2018
  • Nick Rego and Zachary Varley attended the 2018 Materials and Data Science Hackathon at NC State.
  • Amish Patel received the ACS OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award.   Article


December 2017
  • Zachariah Vicars received the REACT Trainee Fellowship.   REACT home page

September 2017
  • Amish Patel received the 2017 Sloan Fellowship.   SRF

May 2017
  • Erte Xi successfully defended his thesis and is moving on to a job at Procter and Gamble in Cinncinati. Congrats, Erte!
  • Suruchi Fialoke successfully defended her thesis and began a job at Pfizer in Boston. Congrats!

March 2017
  • Amish Patel received the 2017 NSF CAREER award!   More


August 2016

January 2016
  • Amish Patel received the 2016 Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Meeting Young Investigator Award!   Meeting website


November 2015
  • Erte Xi and Rick Remsing's paper on the role of fluctuations in modulating the pathways to dewetting in hydrophobic confinement gets press!   Story on PennNews

  • Amish Patel received the Kaufman Foundation New Investigator Research Award!   Article


August 2014
  • Erte Xi won the Best Poster Prize at the 2014 Gordon Research Conference on "Water and Aqueous Solutions". Congratulations Erte!

February 2013
  • Amish Patel's paper on characterizing the hydrophobicity of complex proteins using a novel, highly efficient method was featured on the cover of the February 13, 2014 issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B.